Rotate Images with PIL/Pillow

# Import Pillow:
from PIL import Image

# Load the original image:
img ="flowers.jpg")

original image

Counterclockwise Rotation

img2 = img.rotate(45)"img2.jpg")

45 degrees counterclockwise

img3 = img.rotate(90)"img3.jpg")

90 degrees counterclockwise

Clockwise Rotation

img4 = img.rotate(-45)"img4.jpg")

45 degrees clockwise

Disable cropping of the output image

img5 = img.rotate(45, expand=True)"img5.jpg")

disable cropping

Apply a resampling filter

# Nearest neighbor (default):
img6 = img.rotate(45, resample=Image.NEAREST)"img6.jpg")

nearest neighbot

# Linear interpolation:
img7 = img.rotate(45, resample=Image.BILINEAR)"img7.jpg")

linear interpolation

# Cubic spline interpolation:
img8 = img.rotate(45, resample=Image.BICUBIC)"img8.jpg")

cubic spline interpolation

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